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PT Elnusa Petrofin was established by PT Elnusa Tbk in 1996 with the objective to handle the business which was formerly handled by Patra Niaga Division/ Fuel & Chemicals (F&C), distribution of Special Fuel (BBMK), which was then named Premix and SuperTT.

With developments at the moment the core of Business of PT Elnusa Petrofin has been expanding into supply, storage and trading of products related to services in the field of oil and gas , among others, retail trade of oil fuel,services for storage and transportation of oil fuel and gas, trading of other oil and gas products consisted of several commodities.

Authorization from the Government, in this case, the Directorate General of Oil and Natural Gas, for general trading (Wholesaler), has been granted to PT Elnusa Petrofin. By this authorization PT Elnusa Petrofin has been conceded a role in the down-stream business of oil and gas and consequently she retains the right to import or produce , marketing, transport and sell oil fuel through gasoline stations which belong to the Company’s marketing network. However. competence is the decisive key for a company’s existence and we are convinced that competence in the field of oil and gas sector should be further developed not only for the sake of recognition but also as a company to be reckoned with by competitors.

1. Account Manager

Kualifikasi :
• Sarjana S1
• Usia 28 sd 35 tahun
• 3 sd 5 tahun pengalaman yang bervariasi dlm bidang pemasaran dan penjualan
• Pengalaman bekerja dibidang oil & gas 2 tahun
• Kemampuan presentasi, komunikasi dan negosiasi
• Result oriented
• Mampu berbahasa English secara aktif
• Integritas

2. Marketing Executive ( 1 Orang )

Kualifikasi :
• Pendidikan S1 dari Jurusan Teknik Kimia , Teknik Perminyakan dari perguruin tinggi ternama : ITB, UGM, etc. 
• Pengalaman : Minimal 5 tahun dan pernah memenangkan tender. 
• Mengerti dan memahami system pengadaan di industry oil and gas serta industry yang lainnya. 
• Mampu berbahasa Inggris (lisan dan tulisan). 
• Mampu melakukan penetrasi new customer.

3. Technical Sales Engineer ( 3 orang )

Untuk penempatan di Jawa, Kalimantan dan Sumatera

Kualifikasi :
• Pendidikan S1. Dari jurusan teknik kimia, teknik perminyakan dari perguruan tinggi ternama
• Pengalaman : Minimal 2 tahun dibidang yang sama. 
• Mengerti dan memahami system proses dan aplikasi chemical di industri oil and gas serta industry lainnya. 
• Mampu berkomunikasi dengan customer dan melakukan pekerjaan laboratorium dan aplikasi lapangan. 
• Mampu berbahasa Inggris (Lisan dan Tulisan).

4. Support ( 1 0rang )

Kualifikasi : 
• Pendidikan D3 dengan pengalaman minimum 2 tahun, untuk SMA sederajat pengalaman minimum 10 tahun. 
• Bersedia keluar kota 
• Mempu melakukan pekerjaan laboratoriun dan aplikasi dilapanagan.

5. QA/QC ( 1 orang)

Kualifikasi : 
• Pendidikan D1 atau D3 dengan pengalaman minimal 2 tahun. 
• Mampu melakukan pekerjaan laboratorium 
• Mampu berbahasa Inggris lisan dan tulisan.

6. Unit Head of Marketing Support Transportasi 
7. Unit Head of Marketing Support Depo 
8. Unit Head of Marketing Support Representative Area
9. Marketing Executive New Projects Fuel Industrial and Marine. 
10. Unit Head of Marketing Transportation Asset.

General Qualification:
- Education S1 (marketing/ oil & gas/ Chemical / Transportation) 
- Related Experience min.2 years
- have related market network
- Result oriented

Please send your CV to: 

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