PT Ocean Metal Indo; 10 positions


PT Ocean Metal Indo is a national private company with main business in Energy and Coal Industry in Indonesia. We are looking for dynamic and creative professional human resources, with good track records, to join and grow with us for below positions:

1. Project Manager (Job Code : PM)

Qualifications :
• Male, 35 - 50 years old. 
• Excellent managerial and interpersonal skills. 
• Bachelor degree in Mining Engineering or related discipline. 
• Minimum 10 years experiences in the mining operations & 5 years in the same position. 
• Comprehensive knowledge of mining management principles and practices. 
• Hold a POU and K3 Umum Certificate will be a plus. 
• Having experience in position Kepala Teknik Tambang is an advantages. 
• Strong commitment to site safety. 
• Strong leadership is a must. 
• Willing to be located at our Job Site.

Responsibilities :
• Lead job site and synergy with all employee, contractors, Distamben and social job site environment. 
• Monitoring & reporting all mining operation, such as production, safety, environment
• Coordinate with head office all procurement, financial and human resources operations
• Coordination with government, Distamben, BLH, etc
• Good collaboration with stakeholders at job site.

2. Government Affair (Job Code : GA)

Qualifications :
• Minimum bachelor degree preferable in Law or Social
• Have at least five years experience in similar position
• Excellent communication and negotiation skill
• Excellent leadership skill
• Proficient in English both verbal and written
• Willing to be located at our Job Site.

Responsibilities :
• Plan and monitor all site services e.g. transportation, courier, own deliveries
• Develop and propose relevant targets for Facility management
• Manage business relations with external stake holders
• Owner of facility management, assure a high quality and cost efficient operation of the site 
• Lead the facility Management team and continuously develop the organization and its individual
• Corporate general administrative work. 
• Assisting with finance, accounting and tax works. 
• Assisting with Director travel arrangement and schedule

3. Technical Writer (Job Code : TW)

Qualifications :
• 3 years working experience in either Corporate Secretary, Finance, Accounting, Project Management. 
• Minimal bachelor Degree (S1) in all major, priority is given to those who majoring in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Corporate Management. Engineering
• Ability to identify and apply adapted solutions to operational problems
• Strong Financial and/or Indonesia Tax Accounting competency. 
• Excellent administrative skills. 
• Highly motivated, self-initiative and hard worker. 
• Good leadership and active personality. 
• Good communication and interpersonal skills. 
• Attractive, good looking, friendly and neat. 
• Able to work independently and with a team. 
• Honest and take the job responsibility seriously. 
• Fluent in Indonesian and English language & mandarin is preferable
• Have an excellent skills with computer and MS Office (Excel, Words, Power Point)

Responsibilities :
• Provide input to the Board of Directors of the legal aspects, relating to the operations and business development company
• Coordinate the maintenance of the company’s business licenses. 
• Organizing data base and storage of original documents of the company. 
• Build a network of mutually beneficial cooperation with various parties stakeholders. 
• Promoting the smooth implementation of the agenda of the Board of Directors. 
• Communicating the company or government policies to internal and external parties. 
• Defining project, scope deliverables & developing project proposal such as letter, company profile & project summary
• Maintaining and developing the company’s quality management system. 
• Setting up a company report in accordance with prevailing regulations. 
• Coordinate materials report for the Board of Commissioners and the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM). 
• Formulate Quality Objectives and Quality Procedures Work Unit Work Unit in elaboration of the Quality Policy and Quality Goals established company. 
• Carrying out secretarial activities of the company. 
• Setting up Corporate Secretary activity report correctly and timely.

4. Legal Manager (Job Code : LM)

Qualifications :
• Age, between 35 - 45 years old. 
• Minimum Bachelor degree in Law, GPA 3.00
• Minimum 10 year experiences in the same position and 3 years in mining industry. 
• Comprehensive knowledge of mining litigation principles and practices 
• Having knowledge & experience with handling legal aspects, licensing & legislation, particularly in mining area
• Detail oriented and able to maintain performance under pressure with limited supervision
• Strong leadership and able to act strategically, work both independently & as a team player
• Good in leadership and communication, with interpersonal and organizational skills.

Responsibilities :
• Prepare conflict check worksheets upon receipt of cases and set up case files 
• Prepare and draft legal documents, such as wills, deeds, patent applications, mortgages, leases, and contracts. 
• Advise to company concerning business transactions, claim liability, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits, or legal rights and obligations. 
• Analyze the probable outcomes of cases, using knowledge of legal precedents. 
• Gather evidence to formulate defense or to initiate legal actions, by such means as interviewing clients and witnesses to ascertain the facts of a case. 
• Confer with colleagues with specialties in appropriate areas of legal issue to establish and verify bases for legal proceedings.

5. Sr. Product Marketing (Job Code : SPM)

Qualifications :
• Bachelor degree in any discipline ; Mining, metallurgy, and petroleum background are preferred. 
• Good knowledge about Anthracite and Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI). 
• Good knowledge of smelter or metal and mineral (Mechanical planning: Iron, Steel, Nickel and Alumunium section). 
• Having experience in Marketing Product Development (Metal, Mineral and Mining). 
• 3 years experience in Business Development. 
• Strong networking & relations with good communication skill. 
• Fluent in English, able to speak Mandarin is an advantage. 
• Able to work individual or as a team. 
• Willing to be located in Jakarta and travelling to our customers.

Responsibilities :
• Work with management team to identify and evaluate market, new target clients. 
• Work with management team to develop and implement strategic sales plan. 
• Identify and evaluate spesifict new profitable business opportunities. 
• Maintain an excellent client relationship with existing and potential client

6. Site Accountant (Job Code : SA)

Qualifications :
• Hold Bachelor degree (S-1) in accounting or economic. 
• Min. 3 years of accountings experiences. 
• Good knowledge of office administration and book keeping procedures. 
• Proficient in MS. office application. 
• Excellent English is a must. 
• Having good communication skill. 
• Have pleasant personality, honest, hardworking, fast learner, work detail, energetic, self motivated and result oriented. 
• Able to work individual or as a team. 
• Willing to be located at site in Kalimantan Tengah.

Responsibilities :
• Verify that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures. 
• Prepare, verify, and process invoices and coding payment documents. 
• Data enter invoices for payment. 
• Filling finance documents. 
• Input all finance transaction to computer system

7. Project Assistant (Job Code : PA)

Qualifications :
• Age, maximum 35 years old. 
• Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineer or related discipline, min GPA 3.00
• Minimum 5 years experiences in coal mining exploration. 
• Held a POP Mining Indonesia competency certificate are preferable. 
• Experience in mapping & sample programs. 
• Good communication and technical reporting in English
• Able to operating software (Surpac and Minescape) 
• Having knowledge in mining principles, mine design concepts, mining method and equipment. 
• Good leadership to subordinates with good interpersonal and organizational skills
• Willing to be located at Jakarta, and travelling to our job site.

Responsibilities :
• Monitoring all coal production activities to meet target considering efective, effeciency with strong commitment to safety. 
• Create short term & mid term mine plan
• Supporting data and mapping the actual area location information
• Make sure sequence of mining based on planning. 
• Create & analyze budget, cost of mine production. 
• Giving analyze of short term and long term part of project exploration to the Project Manager

8. Supply Chain (Job Code : SC)

Qualifications :
• Must possess at least a Bachelor Degree in Mining, Geology. 
• Minimum 5 years experiences in coal logistic and quality control. 
• Strong network contacts & relations. 
• Detersive source information. 
• Strong computer skills. 
• Good knowledge in coal geology. 
• Good knowledge in coal sampling technique and procedure (pit and stockpile samples and disturbed or undisturbed samples). 
• Good knowledge in coal quality control and quality assurance management. 
• Good knowledge in stockpile management and mine geology engineering. 
• Comprehensive knowledge in mining software such as Autocad, Minescape, Xpac, Minex, etc. 
• Good leadership with interpersonal and organizational skills. 
• Candidates from Kalimantan Tengah are preferred. 
• Willing to be located at our site in Kalimantan Tengah.

Responsibilities :
• Responsible for all aspects of coal logistic activity including organization and sourcing
• Good knowledge of coal quality and sources
• Develop specific supplier solutions based on strong financing, structuring, logistic and risk mitigation capabilities. 
• Prepare coal samples to analyze. 
• Managed routine coal sampling and guidance services for front line people. 
• Managed and supervise all the procedure needed to prevent parting and other impurities materials in pit. 
• Managed and supervise all the procedure needed in stockpile activities based on stockpile. 
• Assist mine geologist and all mine operation in pit. 
• Assist mine mapping and exploration activities if needed. 
• Monitor production activity to have good quality coal

9. Comm Dev. (Job Code : CD)

Qualifications :
• Deep knowledge in CSR and Community Development programs is a must. 
• Good presentation skills to sell the ideas are an advantage. 
• Good managerial skill. 
• Strong Integrity
• Willing to be located at our site in Kalimantan Tengah.

Responsibilities :
• Maintains communication with the communities around operations areas. 
• Maintains a good and harmonious relationship with communities by supporting their welfare through active community development programs. 
• Performs proactive act in learning communities needs to develop and formulate donations or sponsorships to communities and organizations

10. Compliance Report (Job Code : CR)

Qualifications :
• University Degree in Environmental Management, Chemistry, Metallurgy or Mining. 
• Good level of spoken and written English
• Have 3 years previous experience in similar role on mining industry
• Good interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with others as part of a team and contribute to a harmonious working environment
• Have strong leadership
• Enthusiasm, self motivation and the ability to maintain direction and achieve work objectives with minimal supervision. 
• Computer literate i.e. spreadsheet, presentation, reporting, and autocad
• Have L/V Drivers License (SIM A) is a plus

Responsibilities :
• Responsible to ensure that all activities undertaken in all operational areas are undertaken in accordance with PTAR”s environmental policies, ANDAL, RKL, and RPL requirements, Permits, Governments of Indonesia regulations and other related National and International regulations
• Compile the data needed to produce report
• Develop technical report, and report to the government
• Coordinate and prepare an internal report to Management

If you have relevant experiences, graduated from reputable university with good GPA, interested and confident in fulfilling above requirements, please send your Curriculum Vitae to the following email address:


It is IMPORTANT to have clear mentions of
• JOB CODE in the email subject. 
• Availability to start work date in email. 
• Current salary and expected salary in email. 
• GPA in email or CV / Resume.

Applicants without above items clearly stated may not be considered for interview.

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