Kunci Mobil 'Matikan' Fungsi Ponsel ( Key Cars' Switch 'Mobile Function )

using mobile phones while driving has long been considered dangerous, proved by the number of accidents caused by the activity. However, many people still do so with a variety of reasons.
Temperamental with this phenomenon, two scientists in the United States to lock the car with a sophisticated computer system. Key is claimed capable smart prevent users talk or send SMS via mobile phone while driving in the car.

Key2SafeDriving, as the name of the device, such is inserted into the keyhole automatically send a signal of future wireless phone to the driver. This will block the signal so that the phone can not be used to speak or SMS.

Quoted from kilasberita.com AFP on Saturday (13/12/2008), smart keys were developed by two scientists, and Dr. Zhou Xuesong. Walace Curry from the University of Utah, the United States. According to the plan, Key2SafeDriving intended to be marketed in the next six months with prices around U.S. $ 50.

Key2SafeDriving instance can be used by parents who do not want their children while the cheek berponsel demon that can be life-threatening. Moreover, there is no suspicion, the influence of alcohol, such as mobile phones have been in the concentration rider

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