JOB Pertamina-Talisman Jambi Merang; 5 positions; 1 of 2 ads

Posting date: July 20, 2015
Expiry date: August 03, 2015

JOB PERTAMINA-TALISMAN JAMBI MERANG is Oil and Gas Operating Joint Venture between PT.Pertamina Hulu Energi and Talisman Energy Inc. It was founded in 1989. The Jambi Merang Block consists of 2 fields, Sungai Kenawang and Pulai Gading. Our vision is to become the best and largest Operating Body in gas production.

Currently we are looking for qualified personnel with high motivation, initiative and integrity to fill in the following position:


Responsibilities :

Operate plant with reliable, efficient, and save by identifying abnormality and take responsive actions to overcome operation production issuesEnsure Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessment, Isolation of Equipment and Permit to Work are in placed during production activities in order to minimize or ovoid hazards of work, health and environmentLead team of operators in performing daily operation production, overriding/MOS, start up, or shutdown in safe, efficient waysSolve operation production issues and problems by coordinating with Shift Supervisor; gather facts, data, reports all incidents and accidents with its evaluation as neededPerform coaching and mentoring to the subordinates to enhance the level of operation skill and knowledge within teamsContribute in activities of QHSEMS ( Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Management Systems) such as Safety Talks, SBOC, Fire Training, Emergency Drill

Requirements :

Minimum Technical High School (STM)/Diploma (D3)Minimum 7 years related experience in Oil & Gas IndustryMinimum 2 years experience in similar positionFamiliar using SAP System


Responsibilities :

Control production process starting from well up to export in order to achieve level of gas specification in safely manner and in line with production procedure in companyPerform start up / shut down plant procedure as to direction of Supervisor / SuperintendentReport to Production Supervisor for any faulty equipment, upset process, and other plant situation abnormalities that potentially endanger QHSEMS (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Management Systems)Perform I/A system hardware and check daily network status ICS/DCS System Management; profide reliable reports to the Production Supervisor in order for the operation production activities is supervised and stability maintained its performanceCoordinate effectively with production buyer and shifer (transportation gas) for sales target nomination purposeAct as of member of Emergency Response Team (ERT) and coordinate with Production Supervisor during emergency situation accurred

Requirements :

Minimum Diploma (D3) in TechniqueMinimum 7 years experience as panel man / CCR in Oil & Gas IndustryControl Process KnowledgeProcess & Occupational Safety Knowledge


Responsibilities :

Perform routine maintenance activities by fixing and overhouling routine hidrolik, pneumatic and electronic instrumentation, include with its safety device system to ensure optimum performance as to maintenance procedure and QHSEMS ( Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Management Systems)Identify and analyse faulty and take immidiate corrective action to solve issues of instrumentation; reports to Lead Instrument/ Instrument SupervisorEnsure completeness of tools needed during maintenance work execution that involve instrumentation for safe and efficient activitiesRecord maintenance activities dan report it in maintenance files for future analysis of special cases when needed.Provide technical advise which involves instrumentation expertise from operation production equipment, that categorize as critical equipment to ensure target and production stability performanceIdentify and report instrumentation material sparepart need for the availability of sparepart at times of routine maintenance

Requirements :

Minimum Technical High School (STM)/Diploma (D3) in InstrumentationMinimum 4 years experience in Instrumentation in the Oil and Gas IndustryFamiliar using SAP SystemKnowledge of Gas Plant Instrumentation


Responsibilities :

Identify, collect and maintain records of land acquisitionContact and cooperate with local authorities for land acquisitionMaintain and manage records of land acquisition agreements and contractsCollect, receive and conduct research of land record from land ownerDetermine land ownership by cooperate with local authoritiesIdentify and consult with stakeholders with authority on land issuesPreparing and negotiating for contract with PPAT or public notaryIdentify and conduct researches on land issues and consult with stakeholdersEnsure land use by-laws and policies comply with legislation

Requirements :

Bachelor of Law (S1)/ Management/ Social Studies with relevant working experienceMinimum 5 years experience in land acquisition / land matterAnalytical and problem solving skillGood communication skill


Responsibilities :

Perform instalation activities as required to the electrical facility / equipment within operation areas to ensure fully operational, in service, maintened safely, in occordance with maintenance procedure and QHSEMS ( Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Management Systems)Execute inspection, testing and routine electrical maintenance throughout facility / electrical instrument in operation areas as to work program and guidelineEstablish corrective maintenance dan troubleshooting to the facility /electrical equipment as to operational parameters and guidelinesPrepare maintenance activities for flowless execution, ensuring permits, PPE, Tools, materials, equipment, work site preparation in placedLead team of electrical technicians by reporting process and result of electrical activities to the Lead Electrical in timely manner.

Requirements :

Minimum Technical High School (STM)/Diploma (D3) in ElectricalMinimum 4 years experience in Electrical in the Oil and Gas IndustryFamiliar using SAP SystemKnowledge of Gas Plant Electrical

Should you have the above requirement kindly send your CV and Photo to : with subject email (Your Name- Code of Position Applied). A competitive remuneration package will be given based on qualification and experience. Any CV and application will be treated confidential.

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