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Call all Malaysians urgently for long term project for 3 years approx.!!!!!!!!!!! 
We are looking for Malaysians manpower for long term project in Malaysia for three years approx.  We are looking for the following positions: 
- System Technician (Saturation)
- Air Diving Supervisor 
- Air Diver 
- NDT Inspection Air Diver
- Tender Diver
- Air Diver (Saturation Diving Support) 
- Saturation Diver (Saturation Diving Support) 
- System / Equipment Technician (Air) 
- ROV Supervisor 
- ROV Pilot
- Party Chief
- Navigator Surveyor
- Positioning / System Engineer
- Report Coordinator
- Data Recorder
- System Administrator
- Rigger Foreman
- Pipe fitter
- Welder 6G/6GR
- Scaffolding Inspector
- Rigger Scaffolder
- UT Technician
- MPI Technician

Please send your CV & certs ASAP at:

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