An oil an gas service in Qatar; 10 positions; 3 of 4 ads

Posting date: January 23, 2016

Expiry date: February 06, 2016

An oil an gas service in Qatar seeking the right candidates for the following positions:


Job Descriptions : 
• Monitors contractors’ safety performance on site as to conformance to the Contractor and COMPANY’s SHE plans and procedures. 
• Monitors contractors’ safety performance on site as to conformance to the Contractor and COMPANY’s SHE plans and procedures, and project objectives. 
• Monitors project adherence to applicable rules, regulations, procedures and Safe working practices. 
• Participates in pre-task planning I Method Statements and reviews of JHAs for site activities. 
• Reviews accident I incident investigations and contractor incident reports for completeness. 
• Performs safety walk-throughs I inspections of facilities and work areas and submits findings with recommendations on improvement and work practices. 
• Provides technical advice on SHE issues or queries and provides advice and assistance aimed at emphasizing safe behaviors, increasing safety awareness and reducing incident. 
• Monitors contractor compliance to applicable Permit to Work Systems
• Assists Contractors in meeting SHE expectations as required.

1. NEBOSH Level-3 / IOSH 
2. College Graduate with one year Diploma in HSE / OR BSc. / Diploma in Engineering with Advance Safety Diploma
3. Good written and verbal skills. 
4. Ability to communicate with personnel at all levels of the project. 
5. Conversant with codes and standards of practice relevant to SHE. 
6. Minimum of ten (10) years broad experience in Oil and Gas safety. 
7. Minimum of five (5) years of experience as a Safety Officer on major projects.


Job Descriptions : 
• Establish radio contact or other method of contact with Field Operator. 
• Know the hazards that may he encountered during hot work procedures. 
• Know the appropriate emergency responses in the event of an incident. 
• Ensuring fire-fighting equipment is available and ready for immediate use. 
• Ensuring that the work site area is cleared of flammable and combustible materials. 
• Ensuring drains are covered and sealed. 
• Ensuring that guards/barriers/barricades are in place to contain the spark or welding spatter. 
• Initiating emergency alarm and response should a fire or gas release occur in the area. 
• Sign the Work Group Declaration section of the Hot Work Permit. 
• Perform no other duty that might interfere with their primary responsibility during the course of the hot work activities. 
• Continuously monitoring the hot work activity and surrounding area. 
• Continue monitoring for at least 30 minutes after the work has been completed, to allow hot surfaces to cool, and for the work area to be deemed safe. 
• Be familiar in use of the portable gas detector during the work activity.


• Performs a variety of unskilled works in field or workshop. 
• Assists Fabricators, Fitters, or Technicians to carry out the duties. Complies with COMPANY’s rules and regulations related to safety matters. 
• Receives verbal or written work instructions with clear information and work methods. Clarifies work requirements with the technician or supervisor before implementation. Confirms with technician or supervisor before commencing the assigned work. 
• Ensures that tools and equipment are in safe and effective working conditions. 
• Keeps safety requirements to be maintained in accordance with QA PCO’s regulations and safety standards. 
• Assists to collect materials and spare parts required for the assigned work from the warehouse. 
• Performs other similar or related duties such as maintaining good housekeeping in work sites and in workshops ensuring all safety regulations are adhered to as per company policy.

1. Completed primary school education. 
2. 5 years OF experience in maintenance field. 
3. Ability to use all related and general tools in the field. 
4. Ability to communicate (speak) in English language. 
5. Disciplined and should be able to assist and follow superiors’ instructions.


Job Descriptions : 
• Performs the function of a safe driver to drive pickups or cars. Complies with COMPANY’s rules and regulations related to safety. 
• Transport material inside and outside COMPANY facilities.

1. Valid Qatari Driving License
2. Fair Knowledge of English Language
3. Should be familiar with safety rules and regulations for driving inside plant facilities.


Job Descriptions : 
• Co-ordinate / control the lifting equipment and EOT Cranes maintenance and certification activities (load testing, functional testing, visual inspection) in COMPANY facilities. 
o Provides interface between Maintenance services department and COMPANY APPROVED certifying society in coordination with QA/QC department. 
• Ensure safe and efficient operation of maintenance and inspection / certification services and is in compliance with contract requirements and COMPANY policies and procedures. 
• Coordinate with COMPANY approved certifying society for test witness and certification. 
• Liaise with COMPANY QA/QC and other departments if required for smooth operation of maintenance and inspection /certification activities. 
• Plan & execute the preventive maintenance program for all lifting equipment in
• COMPANY facilities. 
• Guide & direct the maintenance contractor / COMPANY staff for preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance activities all lifting equipment. 
• Coordinate for the periodic inspection of all company owned lifting equipment and EOT Cranes and ensure that they are certified & color coded prior to use in the plant. If the equipment is not certified, should trace the progress of the SAP notification and ensure that the equipment is re-offered for inspection and certification. 
• Create SAP notification on any inspection corrective action. Update, follow up and ensure these SAP Notifications are closed & QA/QC is informed. 
• Maintain register of all COMPANY lifting equipment and update its status with respect to certification, maintenance etc. 
• Ensure that all lifting equipment are ready for inspection ( with regards to maintenance) 
• Ensure corrective action follow up update on regular basis as per COMPANY QA/QC request. 
• Ensure that all inspection activities are planned along with Rigging Crew i.e. ensure all resources such as Crane Operations, Riggers, Permits etc. are available at SITE. 
• Planning / Scheduling/ Coordinating, arranging materials and manpower for the execution of jobs during planned plant shutdowns. 
• Conduct audit checks on regular basis on the contractors in accordance to sound technical and safe working practices. 
• Preparing and releasing call off order on a day-to-day basis for the contractor and on completion checking the quantities completed for invoicing on the monthly basis. 
• Liaising with rigging stores for the availability of rigging tools and tackles for inspection and certification. 
• Ensure that all rigging store items are serviced and kept ready for inspection and certification. 
• Evaluation of Technical and Commercial Bid. 
• Has a regular daily contact with COMPANY maintenance service department and QA/QC with frequent contracts with third party inspection authority and other associated departments. 
o Supervises and coordinate works according to established procedures, policies and approved programs, judgment in planning and organizing work, deciding immediate priorities setting standards and checking and accepting work
• Ensure SHE policies are implemented and adhered at all times.

1. Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. 
2. A Minimum of 8 years of experience in lifting equipment maintenance activities and coordination for inspection, third party certification in onshore / offshore oil and gas industries in supervisory role. 
3. At least 5 years Middle East experience preferable. 
4. Good Knowledge related to operation, maintenance and statuary testing / inspection of lifting equipment. 
5. Familiar with international lifting equipment standards and codes. 
6. Effective written & oral skills in English. 
7. A high order of communication skills is demanded, as is the ability to work under pressure, often in isolation. 
8. Good computer skills in MS office and working knowledge in SAP. 
9. Position requires planning and man-management skills. 
10. Capability to solve more complex problems.


Job Descriptions: 
• The candidate should be thoroughly familiar with and have sound knowledge of all conventional machining processes, using lathes, Millers, Radial drilling, Grinders, Boring and in-situ machining, as well as dynamic balancing. 
• The Machinist must be proficient in using/reading Precision Measuring Tools such as all types of Calipers, Vernier’s and Machining Gauges. He should be capable of reading and interpreting engineering drawings, technical manuals and instructions, and must be familiar with Machining standards and basis materials knowledge. He must have a broad knowledge in analyzing and setting-up the
• jobs to make it convenient to do the actual job but a thorough consideration of safety aspects must be given. 
• To perform other tasks/activities related to his skills and as instructed by his immediate Supervisor.

1. Qualification required: ITI or Trade certificate for approved Institute. 
2. Minimum 5 yrs. experience in Oil & Gas sector or Petrochemical Industries.


Job Descriptions : 
• Carries out the Vibration data collection and its operating parameters of plant rotating equipment and upload them to the Computer. In a scheduled basis, taking lube oil samples and arranges them to be sent to outside laboratory for analysis. 
• Carries out the vibration data collection including its operation parameter using CSI data collector for assigned rotating equipment in the plant. 
• Dumping the collected data to the Server and analyze the data together with Sr. Condition Monitoring Technician. 
• Collecting lube oil samples from various rotating equipment as scheduled and arrange to send them to outside Laboratory. 
• Perform vibration test on rotating equipment ir its driver as requested by other parties e.g. operations or asset maintenance team or workshop. 
• Checking vibration data as requested by other parties from DM-200 and System-l terminal. 
• Prepare permit to work as required by Senior Condition Monitoring Technicians. 
• Makes routine checks to ascertain faults in Plant and machinery by feel, sight or sound and carries out field tests as necessary. Notifies Sr. Condition Monitoring Technicians, Condition Monitoring Engineer and Rotating Equipment Engineer of more serious malfunctions.

1. Completed Secondary (12 years) Education followed by 2 years formal courses in rotating equipment and vibration. 
2. Minimum of 2 years as vibration technician and maintenance experience in oil or gas processing plant or Petrochemical Industries. 
3. Fair working knowledge of English (speaking & writing).


Job Descriptions : 
• To undertake multiple tasks including, but not limited to preparation of bill of quantity, materials ordering, reporting, and preparation of monthly valuation, tracking variation and co-ordination with Contractors. 
• Shall make site visits and checks the Quantity of jobs completed in terms of Scaffolding, Painting, Insulation and Civil Services as per established contract terms and conditions. 
• Shall verify the Quantity of jobs completed as per site completion with respect to the invoice submitted by the contractors for Scaffolding, Painting, Insulation and Civil Services as per established contract terms and conditions. 
o Preparation of bill of quantity, material ordering, preparation of progress reports and tracking, co-ordination with contractors as per the instructions from his Supervisor. 
• To assist the Maintenance Services Supervisor on daily basis in the smooth running of various contracts such as Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting and Civil Services in the most cost effective utilization of the work force, materials and resources. 
o Ensures works being carried out as per Company specification and undertakes works according to the limit of scope of work. 
• Provides, as necessary, instructions on the job to Contractor Supervisors. 
• Tracking of extra works and variations. 
• To monitor the progress, performance against budget and produce a report, recommends necessary action for review. 
o To prepare monthly valuations together with the necessary documentation and approvals. 
• Perform other related duties as assigned.

1. Engineering Degree/Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Quantity Surveying. 
2. Adequate knowledge and 8 years work experience in various disciplines such as Scaffolding, painting, insulation and civil Services. 
3. Minimum 8 to 10 years relevant experience overall of which at least 5 to 6 years must be in LNG/Petrochemical Plants. 
4. Supervisory experience essential, minimum five years. 
5. Well versed with latest computer software’s in Quantity Survey and shall be expert in MS Office/Access/Project and other applications related to Quantity Survey. 
6. Knowledge in SAP Maintenance Application will be an added advantage. 
7. Qatari Driving License. 
8. Proficient in English - both spoken and written
9. Good health.


Job Descriptions : 
• Carries out the skilled maintenance, overhaul and repair of process plant rotating equipment in their respective assigned Process or off sites areas. Includes regular monitoring, disassembly, repair and reassemble of equipment as part of the planned and corrective maintenance of rotating equipment and its accessories. 
• Carries out the skilled maintenance on such items of process plant rotating equipment as gas turbines, compressors, alternators, steam turbines, pumps, fans, blowers etc. 
• Uses a variety of tools and measuring devices, such as hammers, wrenches, pneumatic tools, high pressure jetting and drilling equipment, grinders, calipers, feeler gauges, micrometers, verniers, clock gauges, dial indicators, etc. In accordance with permit to work system. Ensures that tools used are correctly calibrated. Must be able to work to very close dimensional tolerance. 
• Ensures that materials and spare parts are available and in good condition before starting maintenance activity. 
• Carries out routine preventive maintenance of machinery according to schedules, check lists and specific equipment requirements. This includes changing oils, cleaning strainers, replacing filters, greasing and general overhaul of rotating equipment and its accessories. 
• Carries out a wide range of corrective maintenance and repairs as a result of condition monitoring checks or failures of equipment. This includes the dismantling of various rotating equipment, the repair, the equipment reassembly and the re-commissioning. 
• Carries out other similar or related duties such as modifications, installation, Pre-commissioning and commissioning of new equipment, involvement in commissioning of new Projects handled by Third Party. 
• Makes routine checks to ascertain faults in Plant and machinery by feel, sight or sound and carries out minor repairs as necessary. Notifies foreman of more serious malfunctions.

1. Completed Secondary (12 years) Education followed by 2 years formal courses in mechanical crafts. 
2. Minimum of 4 years mechanical crafts and maintenance experience in an rotating equipment installed in oil & gas process/Petrochemical /Power plant. 
3. Follow all the COMPANY Safety regulations and demonstrate safe work practice as an individual and team member. 
4. Fair working knowledge of English.


Job Descriptions : 
• Carries out routine calibration checks and validation of the Metering Systems, diagnostics, minor trouble shooting of the Metering System Defects, modifications, and replacement of instruments under guidance of Metering Supervisor. 
• Maintains all Metering Systems of COMPANY at the minimal uncertainty levels under guidance of the Metering Supervisor adhering to the written procedures and safe working procedures outlined in the Permit to Work. 
• Receives Work Orders, Permit to Work and carries out Validation of the Metering Systems as per the planning schedule and procedures laid down in the COMP NY’s Measurement Manual under the direction of the Metering Supervisor. This includes, Calibration of Secondary Instruments, Validation of the Primary Element. Flow Computation Checks, GC Validation, replacement of faulty instrument, replacements on account of modifications, maintenance of sampling Systems, etc. 
• Ensures usage of Valid Metering Calibration Test Equipment having an accuracy at least equivalent to the Reference Accuracy of the Transmitter to be calibrated. 
• Carries out modifications, changes and also collects data for the Metering Systems which not only include Primary and Secondary equipment but also Flow Computer, Sampling Systems, etc. under guidance of the Metering Supervisor. 
• Provides assistance to the Vendors during any Metering System rectification modification, Metering System Validation and Certification. 
• Carries out rectification/trouble-shooting of the Metering System equipment in breakdown under guidance of the Metering Supervisor. 
• Provide necessary feedback on the Metering Systems to the Metering Supervisor which includes Calibration Reports, data for mis-measurement, etc. in order to maintain Metering Systems at the desired Uncertainty level. 
• Support Metering Supervisor to maintain the records of Calibration, changes/ modifications, Test Equipment Certificates, Flow Calculation Checks etc. for Buyers / Shareholders Audit purpose. 
• Responsible for carrying out his duties as per COMPANY’s Safety, Environment and Quality Policies and programs and carrying out specific duties and responsibilities related to his job as spelled out in Management system documentation, policies, procedures, local documentation, Safety Manual and other related documents.

• Should have completed Secondary High School Education or equivalent and have acquired formal technical training in Instrumentation or Mechanical Trade from a recognized Apprenticeship or equivalent. 
o Minimum of 5 years of experience in the maintenance, calibration and Troubleshooting techniques of a variety of Instrumentation and Control Systems pertaining to Metering Systems viz. Orifice, Turbine, Ultrasonic and Coriolis in Oil and Gas Industries. 
o Should be familiar with the fundamentals of the Flow Metering, PLCs and Safety Shutdown Systems. 
• Should be fluent in English language (primarily in "Spoken English" to reasonable degree in "Written English")
• Should be able to read P&IDs and be familiar with Ladder Logic schematics.

How To Apply

• Indicate your position that you wanted to apply in the email subject. Example : Shift Supervisor 
• Create a Cover Letter that explains a brief of summary why should we hire you technically (important) 
• Attach your picture in the first page of your CV (mandatory) 
• Latest Educational qualification certificate (mandatory) 
• Experience Letter (preferred) 
• All above documents prepared in one file
• Please kindly submit the applications to following email
• Find the details on 

Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted by our recruitment team.

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