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Looking for a post as listed below,

1. Contract manager
2. QA/QC cordinator
3. QS surveyor
4. Acccountant
5. Workshop supervisor
a. for mechanical equipment and machining
b. for SRV and equipment and certification
c. for fabrication , blast and paint
6. Skilled workers
a. Mechanical - Technician, Fitter mechanics, Semi skill
b. Machining - Machinist, semiskill
c. SRV - Technician, Fitter
d. fabrication - marker, welder, welding inspector
e. Coating -coating technician, assistant
f. Blast paint - Blaster, painter
g. others - Helpers
7. Unskilled workers
a. Driver 
b. SAP Uploader
c. Document controller
d. Material cordinator

All post above for BSP project as planned on March 2016 for 3 years contract
Please send CV to

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