Misarma Enterprise Sdn Bhd

URGENT!! We're hiring Offshore Marine Crew and Catering Crew. For interested applicant, please submit your CV to

👉  hr@misarma.com

Marine Crew 
1. Master
2. Chief Officer
3. Second Officer 
4. Chief Engineer
5. Chief Electrician
6. Second Engineer 
7. Deck Foreman 
8. Deck Hand 
9. Storeman 
10. Crane Operator 
11. Oiler 

Catering Crew
1. Campboss
2. Chief Cook
3. Cook
4. Butcher
5. Chief Steward
6. Baker
7. Assistant Cook
8. Steward
• Valid OSP card
• Valid Food Handing Cert
• Valid Typhoid
• Valid Stool
Candidates with offshore experience and valid certificates are most welcome to apply

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