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Posting date: June 27, 2015
Expiry date: July 11, 2015

PT. PETRO BANGUN ENGINEERING is oil Services Company, which is located at South Jakarta – TB Simatupang. Now PBE needs a human resource as:


Duties & Responsibilities:
• Supervise drilling or fishing crew and actually rigup assemblies to run a fishing tool operation. 
• Supervise the tool preparation activities and operation of all fishing equipment. 
• Liaise with/supervise the onsite rig crew, to ensure correct equipment handling during operation, supervise crew where applicable. 
• Performing all work activities in laydown of the fishing tools bottom hole assembly when out of the hole. 
• Review programs and select equipment to make sure tools are compatible for operational needs. 
• Provide technical and operational support at rig site. 
• Direct drilling crew during installation of downhole equipment. 
• Ensure that fishing, milling and drilling operations fulfil company guidelines. 
• Responsible for compiling and analysing of reports on technical operations and advising on corrective actions. 
• Maintain accurate paperwork of tools run in the hole. 
• Advise on the proper procedures to perform a fishing operation and provide instruction on proper procedures. 
• Plan, troubleshoot and advise on technical issues of specialist tools ensuring best practices. 
• Liaise and advise in respect of all aspects of operations. 
• Demonstrate through assessment and internal interactions, full understanding of equipment, systems and functionality, hydraulics and downhole calculations. 
• Provide recommendations, procedures and drawings of related fishing operations. 
• Obtain and provide all reports, charts, checklists and related information prior to leaving the rig site. 
• Possess comprehensive understanding of downhole environment in open hole and cased hole situations. 
• Provide technical support to departments to share experience and subject matter knowledge base, training and development, research and engineering. 
• Handles special projects related to fishing operations as assigned. 
• Perform all work associated with rig site fishing operations.

• Minimum D3 graduate (preferred), but if you are high school graduates but have lots of experience, you are very welcome. 
• Seven (7) years drilling experience with a minimum five (5) years of experience as fishing engineer (Dedicated Fishing Engineer) 
• Must be competent in drilling and fishing operations. Must have demonstrated a good knowledge of rig systems and drilling operations, well services operations and/or well completions along with a full understanding of down hole hydraulics and the ability to perform calculations related to the above. 
• Knowledge of drilling operations and cased hole completions. 
• Comprehensive knowledge of operation of drilling and work over rigs. 
• Must have excellent communication skills and abide by all safety requirements. 
• Strong leadership and decision making skills. 
• Written and Spoken English

Please send your application & CV via e-mail to:

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