PT Trilink Indonesia 10 Position

PT. Tri Link Indonesia is a Global Staffing Company specializing in Executive Search, Headhunting and Recruitment Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry.

We are seeking highly qualified candidates to fill the following position:




1.1 Responsibilities:
1.1.1 Under guidance of Director, reviewing and updating policies, systems, and procedures of Company’s Selection and Recruitment; 
1.1.2 Developing the strategy and priorities of company’s annual selection and recruitment programs; 
1.1.3 Coordinating with Business Development Manager to address the manpower requests of Company’s Client(s); 
1.1.4 Responsible for Company’s Database in terms of quality, quantity and its operationability as well as ensuring the timely updating of candidate’s data (working experiences, certificates, address and contacts, etc); 
1.1.5 Searching and short-listing the target candidates in Company’s Database and managing the prosess of pre-selection, selection and recruitment; 
1.1.6 Conducting and ensuring the quality of interviews with Candidates especially in technical job-related aspects and English communications as well as producing the Interview Sheet (Candidate’s Report); 
1.1.7 Coordinating to ensure the quality of documents to be submitted in order to fulfill Client’s requirements ( updated CVs, Interview Sheet, Certificates, etc); 
1.1.8 Conducting the review and assessment on selection and recruitment practices and provide the semestriel Evaluation report to Director for further improvement actions; 
1.1.9 Additional tasks – an advantage
1.1.10 Coordinating and ensuring the implementation of Company’s Management System, i.e.: HSEMS (Health, Safety and Environment Management System) and Quality Management System (ISO:9001);

1.2 Requirements: 
2.1.1 Bachelor Degree of Technical/Engineering; 
2.1.2 Minimum age 35 years; 
2.1.3 Having 5 (five) years experience in Oil and Gas industry esp. Manpower Services; 
2.1.4 Exposed to Quality Management System ISO 9001 & HSE Management System (experience as MR or Lead Auditor is an advantage); 
2.1.5 EXCELLLENT in English communications (speaking and writing).


2.1 Responsibilities
2.1.1 On behalf of Head Office Management in Jakarta, managing & coordinating all functions in Branch office effeciently and effectively as per company’s standards and pocedures; 
2.1.2 Ensuring regular contacts and coordination with Company’s Client(s) locally; 
2.1.3 Performing contacts and coordinating with the Local Government and other relevant external parties in Karimun Regency and Kepulauan Riau Province and maintains good relations to support the security and sustainability of company’s activities and operations; 
2.1.4 In charge to arrange and obtain mandatory documents, permits and provide reports as required by Local Government as well as the Client ; 
2.1.5 In charge to ensure the security, hygiene & cleanliness and all aspects related to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) both within company’s own branch office, accomodation facilities and also the company’s workers who are assigned to Client. Responsible to conduct Safety Tool Box Meeting regularly with assigned workers at the working sites as per Client’s HSE regulations and procedures; 
2.1.6 Preparing and proposing for approval of the Jakarta Head Office Management in related the Monthly Operational Budget of Office Karimun Branch; 
2.1.7 With prior of Director’s approval and in coordination with Finance Manager, authorized for emergency expenses and / or entertainment costs in a limited amount in order to develop and maintain good relations with the local relevant parties; 
2.1.8 Ensuring that Team will keep all records of the expenses and provide financial reports as per company’s standard forms and submit the Monthly Report to Head Office with supporting documents as required; 
2.1.9 Supervising closely Time Keeper(s) to ensure data input accuracy, and controls the timeliness and completeness of Timesheets as per SIKB’s Forms and Procedures. 
2.1.10 Collaborating with Jakarta Finance Department to ensure timely submission of Invoices to SIKB (Client) with proper and complete supporting documents. Performing clarification and explanation to Contract – Legal Department of SIKB; 
2.1.11 Responsible to conduct periodically Stock Opname of company’s Inventory and Assets in Karimun Branch Office especially Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Guesthouse / Dormatory items and send the monthly report to Jakarta Head Office; 
2.1.12 Coordinating and checking periodically with the Client (SIKB) relevant parties to ensure the coherence data concerning workers, especially mobilization date, induction, efective starting date, ID Badge, PPE, certification validity, rotation leave schedule, demobilisation, etc.; 
2.1.13 Ensuring good Industrial relations on site and maintaining a harmonious working relationships with all company’s workers who are assigned to Client (SIKB). Providing explanations and guidances to the workers about all matters related to Definite Employment Agreement, Working System and Working Hours, Salaries and Benefits as applied in contract with Client (SIKB); 
2.1.14 Controlling and ensuring the discipline is strictly applied that all workers are present at worksite, timely arriving, doing “punch-in” and “punch-out” on available machines, signing the timesheets etc.. After consulting and reporting to Jakarta Management, is authorized to issue Reminder and Warning Letters as per applicable laws and regulations. Reporting to Jakarta office on industrial relations cases especially the important and critical ones; 
2.1.15 In a very special condition, if required and requested by Head Office Management, authorized to issue and sign the Definite Employement Agreement; 
2.1.16 Coordinating with Jakarta Head office and local Agent in Batam & Karimun to ensure timely obtainment of Formalities documents and also provide required logistics and administrative services and other supports to assigned Expatriates. 
2.1.17 In coordination with recruitment Manager at Head Office, conducting the sourcing to search workers in Batam and Karimun which focuses more on local workers (skilled and semi-skilled level), to highlight our participation in the development of local communities and human resources as part of Company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR); 
2.1.18 In coordination with Business Development Manager Jakarta, searching actively new business opportunities in Batam, Karimun and other places by contacting potential and prospective new Clients for manpower services contcts etc.;

2.2 Requirements
2.2.1 Male / Female, max 45 years; 
2.2.2 Min. Diploma III (Various disciplines); 
2.2.3 Have significant experience in project development field of Human Resources, Industrial Relations & Public; 
2.2.4 Having good leadership and managerial skills; 
2.2.5 Good for English Level; 
2.2.6 Mastering Ms. Office and Internet Literate; 
2.2.7 Ability to work under pressure; 
2.2.8 Have a high commitment and motivation; 
2.2.9 Discipline, assertive, honest, hardworking and flexible.


3.1 Responsibilites
3.1.1 Having minimum 10 years experience in the Oil & Gas or Mining Industry with demonstrated track record using project management principles as a Project Manager to run a large capital project or a portfolio of small capital projects; 
3.1.2 Having experienced leading multi-discipline engineering teams and directing the work activities and interfaces to execute projects; 
3.1.3 Having a strong understanding of oil and gas facility design including development of design basis and engineering deliverables for FEED and DED; 
3.1.4 Having a strong knowledge and experience in relevant industry codes/standards, construction practices and best practices related to safety; 
3.1.5 Having a strong skill in cost and schedule control as well as contract management for assigned projects to ensure efficient execution; 
3.1.6 Fluent in verbal and written communication: English & Bahasa Flexible and open minded able to demonstrate the highest standard of integrity and ethical conduct in all business dealings and to builds and maintains trust, respects, and supports others; 
3.1.7 Strive to earn the trust of colleagues and partner; 
3.1.8 Strong in seeking learning activities; 
3.1.9 Able to establish effective relationships with multicultural people in diverse organization.

3.2 Requirements
3.2.1 Bachelor degree (S1 – 4 years as Project Manager) or Diploma (D3 – 6 years as Project Manager); 
3.2.2 Maximum 55 years; 
3.2.3 Working Status Contract; 
3.2.4 English is COMPULSORY; 
3.2.5 Understanding the Government Regulation and about taxation; 
3.2.6 Indonesian ONLY.


4.1 Responsibilites
4.1.1 The post holder will be accountable for all corrosion and metallurgical related issues with regard to appointed installations, topside process facilities, risers and onshore terminals; 
4.1.2 Provide advice regarding corrosion and metallurgical related issues in connection with subsurface structures and pipelines; 
4.1.3 Maintain installation Corrosion Monitoring and mitigation policy documents; 
4.1.4 Maintain integrity of Hydrocarbon pressure envelope and associated structures; 
4.1.5 Advise and assist Project Manager/Senior Engineer with respect to activities impacting on Technical integrity, overview planning and budgets; 
4.1.6 Review all inspection strategies with respect to corrosion related issues; 
4.1.7 Consult the Inspection Engineers with respect to preparing and producing Vessel and Pipe work Inspection work scopes; 
4.1.8 Responsible for the reviewing, and where applicable, countersigning of Vessel and Pipe work Inspection reports; 
4.1.9 Update of Corrosion Risk Assessments, Risk Based Inspection strategy and anomaly reports; 
4.1.10 Ensure material failure investigations and root cause analysis are carried out where considered necessary and any implication with respect to integrity is communicated appropriately; 
4.1.11 Ensure you are aware of and understand your QHSE responsibilities; Co-operate and participate in the Company’s Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Programes.

4.2 Requirements
4.2.1 Bachelor Degree in Engineering /Mechanical; 
4.2.2 Having minimum 10 years experience in Design Field in Oil and Gas Industry, preferably in Mega Plant Construction
4.2.3 Having good English; 
4.2.4 Having relevant Engineering Degree;


5.1 Responsibilities: 
5.1.1 Arranging regular control of engine room; 
5.1.2 Carrying out the ordinary and extraordinary engines maintenance plans; 
5.1.3 Familiar with all relevant work and safety procedures issued by Client and by the Operator; 
5.1.4 Particitipate in safety drill and safety meeting held onboard; 
5.1.5 Promptly report all accidents, near-miss accidents and non-confirmance through proper channels.

5.2 Requirements: 
5.2.1 Having 5 years’ experience in each position in semisubmersible or drillship; 
5.2.2 Maximum age is 45 years; 
5.2.3 English is a MUST, both oral and writtern. 
5.2.4 MANDATORY Certificates and documents: 
a. ATT-D (Ahli Teknik Tingkat Dasar) 
c. Passport
e. Education Certificate
f. Other Certificates
• Personal Survival (STCW95 A-VI/1-1) 
• Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (STCW95 A-VI/1-2) 
• Elementary First Aid ((STCW95 A-VI/1-3) 
• Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (STCW95 A-VI/1-4) 
• Survical Crafts and Rescue Boats (STCW95 A-VI/2-1) 
• Basic Offshore Safety Induction and EmergencyTraining (OPITO) 
• Offshore Fire / Emergency And Respons Team Member(OPITO) 
• Offshore Life Boat Coxswain (OPITO) 
• H2S
• Etc. 
(Certificates & documents shall be VALID)


6.1 Responsibilities
6.1.1 Supervising ongoing deck rig activities; 
6.1.2 Assisting the operation with deck crane within designed (SWL) loads in accordance with the rating tables applicable to existing weather and sea state conditions
6.1.3 Carrying out all orders and instructions given by Superior properly; 
6.1.4 Ensuring that all personnel under the supervision, possess the necesary qualification and experience to properly carry out the work assigned; 
6.1.5 Ensuring that all safety requirements related to the working area responsilibilties are fulfilled; 
6.1.6 Supervising the operation during the anchor wiches when moving the rig and during anchor handling; 
6.1.7 Cooperate and supersede, according to the bouson directives, all the operational activities; 
6.1.8 Co-ordinating and controlling over the cleaning, maintenance and repairing procedures according to the Stability section leader diretives; 
6.1.9 Maintaining working areas,tools, equiments and safety harness in a clean, tidy and orderly manner; 
6.1.10 Being safery conscious in all of work and behaviour and is obliged to use compulsory Personal Protective Equipment; 
6.1.11 Particitipate in safety drill and safety meeting held onboard; 
6.1.12 Promptly report all accidents, near-miss accidents and non-confirmance throgh proper channels.

6.2 Requirements
6.2.1 Having 5 years’ experience in each position in semisubmersible or drillship; 
6.2.2 Maximum age is 45 years; 
6.2.3 English is a MUST, both oral and writtern. 
6.2.4 MANDATORY Certificates and documents
a. HLO (Helicopter Landing Officer); 
c. Passport; 
e. Education Certificate; 
f. Other Certificates
• Personal Survival (STCW95 A-VI/1-1) 
• Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (STCW95 A-VI/1-2) 
• Elementary First Aid ((STCW95 A-VI/1-3) 
• Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (STCW95 A-VI/1-4) 
• Survical Crafts and Rescue Boats (STCW95 A-VI/2-1) 
• Basic Offshore Safety Induction and EmergencyTraining (OPITO) 
• Offshore Fire / Emergency And Respons Team Member(OPITO) 
• Offshore Life Boat Coxswain (OPITO) 
• H2S
• Etc. 
(Certificates & documents shall be VALID)


7.1 Responsibilities
7.1.1 Working knowledge of operating Knuckle Boom and AHC Cranes for vessel specific operations. 
7.1.2 Overseeing rigging operations on deck and for lifting purposes and wire/rope inspections; 
7.1.3 Ability to demonstrate a high level of alertness and concentration; 
7.1.4 Working knowledge of crane inspection and to be aware of any problems in the crane structure, hoisting assembly or the drive train; 
7.1.5 Operating cranes by way of radio communications or hand signals, if applicable; 
7.1.6 Maintaining safe crane operations as per company and manufacturers procedures/guidelines within the crane’s capabilities; 
7.1.7 Ensuring that all activities are undertaken in accordance with all safety and quality requirements; 
7.1.8 Following all company policies and procedures, an ensuring junior reports do the same.

7.2 Requirements
7.2.1 Having 5 years’ experience in each position in semisubmersible or drillship; 
7.2.2 Maximum age is 45 years; 
7.2.3 English is a MUST, both oral and writtern. 
7.2.4 MANDATORY Certificates and documents: 
c. Passport
e. Education Certificate
f. Other Certificates
• Personal Survival (STCW95 A-VI/1-1) 
• Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (STCW95 A-VI/1-2) 
• Elementary First Aid ((STCW95 A-VI/1-3) 
• Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (STCW95 A-VI/1-4) 
• Survical Crafts and Rescue Boats (STCW95 A-VI/2-1) 
• Basic Offshore Safety Induction and EmergencyTraining (OPITO) 
• Offshore Fire / Emergency And Respons Team Member(OPITO) 
• Offshore Life Boat Coxswain (OPITO) 
• H2S
• Etc. 
(Certificates & documents shall be VALID)


8.1 Responsibilities
8.1.1 Implementing the approved Dimensional Control Procedure fir tge entire project; 
8.1.2 Carrying out the dimensional controls check and confirm that the structures are built in conformity within the tolerances required by the COMPANY, 
8.1.3 Carrying out and document the dimensional control activity during the fabrication and assembly phases of the off-shore structures; 
8.1.4 Assuring that all the control activities are carried out accoording to the controlled dimensional procedures.

8.2 Requirements
8.2.1 Degree /Diploma in Civil / Mechanical / Production in Engineering; 
8.2.2 Total miminum 9 years’ experience and 6 years in offshore structural activities; 
8.2.3 Having at least 5 years’ experience as a Calibration Inspector position; 
8.2.4 Having experiences using Leica, Top Com, various optical levels, utilization of various software etc.; 
8.2.5 Well versed with various international standard related to Calibration, all office software, AutoCAD, etc.; 
8.2.6 Familiar to colelct data from site and procedure the report from the system;


9.1 Responsibilities
9.1.1 Ensure that the work and use of resources meet planned requirements; 
9.1.2 Ensure relevant specification and Work Instruction requirements are met; 
9.1.3 Ensure all safety requirements are met; 
9.1.4 Identify training needs and report them to the Department Manager; 
9.1.5 Provide on the job training; 
9.1.6 Liaise with QC and other trades to ensure co-ordination of work; 
9.1.7 Manpower distribution and 5 Weeks Plan; 
9.1.8 Developing Fabrication Plans (Activities, Resources); 
9.1.9 Constant improvement (New Tools and Technology); 
9.1.10 Ensure that the Safety, Quality & Environment requirements of the yard are strictly followed; 
9.1.11 Perform other job related duties as assigned by the section head.

9.2 Requirements
9.2.1 Possessing valid certificates as NDT level II (PCN, COFREND, CSWIP or ACCP) in RT + UT + MT + PT); 
9.2.2 Senior level (with Similar 7 years experience in same or higher position in same or largest project/position — 7 years exp in the discipline - 10 years exp in Oil&Gas); 
9.2.3 Recognized intermediate level of expertise in material inspection as per construction codes and standards; 
9.2.4 Good communication skill and computer literate; 
9.2.5 Fluent in English is mandatory, written and spoken.


10.1 Responsibilities
10.1.1 Performing welding job using 6G GTAW/SMAW process; 
10.1.2 Ensuring the daily assigned working schedule and production target is achieved; 
10.1.3 Comply with all applicable quality, health, safety and environmental regulations; 
10.1.4 Willing to work in team work.

10.2 Requirements
10.2.1 Minimum having 5 years’ experience as Welder for 6G GTAW/SMAW; 
10.2.2 Having experience in Fabrication (Module) project; 
10.2.3 Having 6G GTAW/SMAW Certificate in Welding;

CV’s which do not fulfill above requirements will not be treated. 
CV shall be submitted ONLY in Word Format
Please send your complete CV by email to:
Quote the POSITION TITLE you are applying for in the 

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