Al Safwa Cement Company

Our client from Jeddah, KSA Al Safwa Cement Company, will running the next recruitment campaign in Indonesia for the 2nd Line on 23 Aug. 2015. They are looking for staffing in the following positions:

1. Electrica/instl team leader

2. Water and pumping tech

3. Inst technician

4. Electrical Tech

5. Shift patroller

6. Mechanical tech

As a Cement Company most of the candidate that will be selected must have a cement background

Send your CV detail to: or
CV must be in English

For more detail information, please contact us at:
PT. Millenium Muda Mandiri
Jl. MT Haryono kav.33
Gd. Menara Hijau Lt. 11
Jakarta Selatan 12770
021 7987533

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