Lowongan ADNOC Abu Dhabi

From 3rd party we got information several open vacancy at UAE
They looking for Rig Crew (national and expat.) for ADNOC, see below:
– Rig manager salary $9,000-$10,000
– Tool-pushers salary around $9,000
– Assistant tool pushers salary $7,000-$8000
– Chief Mechanic salary (still confirmation)
– Chief Electrician salary (around $6,000)
– Drillers salary $5,000-$6,000

They looking for are going to be senior under the age of 53 and have experience in the offshore field for more than 3 years.

They must be can speak English active and passive and have experience minimum more than 3 years for driller

And for rig manager , they prefer whose have been work in overseas for 3 years

They need to find approximately 40 STRONG CV’s for each position and interview them face to face in Indonesia in the coming months

Please kindly to share this opportunity to your colleague that may be interested to this opportunity.
And please send your CV to
recruitment@mutiarabahari.com ,
before August 31st ,2015

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