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Esso Exploration and Production Limited is the leading drilling company in Nigeria,specializing in services such as directional/horizontal drilling,rotary steerable drilling,MWD/LWD,borehole surveys and well planning and design. Esso Exploration and Production Limited is set to maintain the highest level of reliable service while providing full formation evaluation answers to all our clients. Our mission is to deliver complete, cost effective suite of Oil and Gas drilling services at the highest level of efficiency, speedily and safely, as a vehicle for building a strong global technology company. In pursuant to the our service contract with our client,We Wishes to invite experienced,skilled and qualified expatriates persons or Contractors for the onshore/Offshore Oil Drilling Exploration and Exploitation Project.

If you are looking for a job and ready to relocate for work in less that one(1) month of employment notice to Nigeria,have a valid international passport.


Following areas:

– Consultant
– Earth science (geology, geophysics, drilling)
– All Engineering (petroleum, completion, drilling Etc., facilities, process, reliability)
– All Operations and maintenance positions
– Finance and accounting
– Health, environment and safety
– Sales and marketing
– Process apprentices (Pembroke Refinery)
– Project Manager, Exploration of Oil and gas fields.
– Medical Consultants/Specialist.
– Mining Consultants.
– Engineering consultants
– Financial Consultants.
– Petroleum Geologist.
– Welding and heavy fabrication.
– Professional Executive Secretary
– Human Resources, Administration
– Tractors/Truck Drivers
– Field Workers Etc

Salary per month is between: $10,500.00 -$48,000.00USD

All interested candidates should reply via email with updated Resumes/CV to
email: career@esso-ng.com,
Contact person: DR. Felix Mike Udom (Recruitment & Selection Team Lead)Tel:Only applicants who possess the required qualifications will be short-listed whence consequently contacted.

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