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Posting date: August 19, 2015
Expiry date: August 31, 2015

Job Vacancies in the Oil & Gas Industry

MontD’Or Oil Tungkal Ltd, is currently recruiting dynamic, qualified and self motivated personnel to be part of our Jakarta and Jambi based team. The Company has the following vacancies:


Responsible for the Technical Department you will lead a team of geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineering staff in undertaking the Company’s technical work programme.

Candidates should have managerial experience, hands-on technical capabilities including familiarity with industry standard G&G software. A degree in Geophysics or other relevant subject, a minimum of 15 years’ industry experience of which at least five years is with an Operator. The preferred candidate should have a geophysics background with a good working knowledge and understanding of geology.


Manages the Commercial Team and plans, develops and implements the Company’s commercial plans for commercial and business development activities. 
• Develops and implements the commercial strategy for the company
• Liaises closely with other managers
• Negotiates, develops and manages all commercial agreements to optimise the Company’s commercial interests
• Provides commercial support on all operations & development work
• Ensures commercial practices comply with industry and regulatory requirements
• Identifies and develops growth opportunities for the company
• Supports the development of new business opportunities

Candidates should have managerial experience. Degree (or equivalent) in Engineering or related Business subject. Experience in a similar role, preferably within the oil and gas industry with minimum 15 years’ experience. Excellent communication skills – written and verbal.


Assist Field Operations Manager (FOM) to maximize daily crude oil production from existing fields in South Sumatra. This includes monitoring and optimizing production activities in the field to ensure safe and efficiency performance of operations. Ensure minimal downtime by ensuring appropriate maintenance is conducted in accordance with recommended practices and all necessary equipment and materials are available to implement the ongoing production enhancement strategy as defined by the long term planner.

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering / Oil & Gas with hands-on experience in field operations and management. At least 12 years of which a minimum of 7 years must be in the Oil and Gas industry.


Duties include assist Logistic and Procurement Manager with planning, coordinating and organization of the supply chain activities to ensure the alignment and accordance to SKKMigas regulation.

Candidates should be PTK 007 certified, have a Bachelor Degree in Finance, Management or Business Administration, a minimum of 5 years’ experience in supply chain management particularly in Oil and Gas Company.


Will take a proactive approach to optimize production, resources and minimize production losses based on sound engineering practises and procedures.

10 years of relevant engineering experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent with minimum of 2 years practical field experience.


A completions engineer must direct and monitor the completion and evaluation of well testing, wells in general or well surveys; maintain records of drilling and production operations, monitor production rates, plan or rework processes to improve production, and write technical reports for engineering and management personnel. He must also coordinate the installation, maintenance and operation of mining and oil field equipment and develop plans for oil and gas field drilling.

Candidates should have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and a relevant experience


Responsible for the co-ordination of reservoir engineering studies to optimise field development including the design and interpretation of oil and gas well tests and reservoir fluid characterisation.

Candidates should have a minimum of 8 years’ experience and a relevant Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum or Reservoir Engineering.


This position is responsible to ensure and maintain the production operation to meet applicable standards and procedures and handling critical production operations. Capable to operate and control production operation through the PLC control system and coordinate production crew activities at main control room.

Candidate should possesses competencies of Oil & Gas production operations


This position is responsible to coordinate and/or facilitate relevant meetings, events, correspondences, and other activities related to external parties as required for field operations in Jambi Province. Capable of being focal point to coordinate all the information between Jakarta Office and Production Field.

General requirement for the above positions: candidates should be based at Jambi and have minimum 10 years working experiences in Petrochemical/ Mining Industry/ Oil & Gas Industry with Diploma 3 (D – 3) degree and Bachelor’s degree (for Public Relation and Community Development Coordinator position). Preference to have an excellent communication skills, spoken and written English, and good team player.

If you are interested in working in a challenging environment and have the key skills to fill one of these vacancies please email your CV

Closing date for these applications is 31 August 2015

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